2014 Bond

2014 Bond Overview

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Voters approved all three Round Rock ISD propositions on Saturday as part of a $299 million Round Rock ISD bond package that addresses growth, capital improvements, increased access to technology and the addition of new fine art facilities for the district.

The voters approved proposition one at 65.6 percent, proposition two at 64.7 percent and proposition three at 59.1 percent.

Proposition one addresses the high growth RRISD has experienced with an additional 1,160 students per year and over 5,000 new students since the district’s last bond election in 2008. The $234.2 million will go towards adding new elementary and middle schools, as well as to completion of master plan phases at Round Rock, Stony Point and Westwood high schools, the creation of master plans at McNeil High School and CD Fulkes Middle School, a technology refresh and other additional capital improvement projects.

Proposition two addresses the addition of more technology across all the district, costing $25.9 million. Proposition three includes the addition of two fine arts venues at Cedar Ridge and Stony Point high schools for district-wide, costing $38.9 million.

“We are thankful to our voters for showing their support in our school district,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Steve Flores said. The passage of all three propositions will help ensure the best for our students as we continue our journey from first class to world class.”

The school board will now work with the district’s business office to plan a series of four bond sales in order to limit the impact on the district’s debt service tax rate. As a result of the bond package, RRISD will increase its tax rate to $1.3887, equaling $3.55 per month for the average household value at $200,264.

The priority moving forward will be the completion of the new elementary and middle schools, which will address overcrowding at several schools. The new elementary school will be located in the Wells Branch area and the new middle school on Parmer Lane. RRISD currently owns both properties that will be used.