McNeil High School - Bond 2018

Individual capital renewal and replacement project details can be found on the Bond 2018 project definition sheets.

Campus Projects

  • Parking lot improvements
  • Emergency generator replacement
  • Removal of underground storage tanks
  • Irrigation replacement
  • Replace existing baseball dugouts
  • Replacement of gym scoreboards and PA system
  • Upgrade door hardware, keys, and locks as needed
  • Replace turf field
  • Resurface track
  • Irrigation controls
  • Black Box
  • Master Plan Phase 2a – Renovations for Cafeteria, Construction of Science Addition, and Athletic Facility Improvements
  • Replace failing fire coiling doors and security gates
  • Power factor correction
  • Computer Refresh – Student Laptop Cart Devices
  • Computer Refresh – Campus and Staff Devices
  • Computer Refresh – CTE/Journalism/Language Lab
  • Projector Refresh
  • Server/Storage Refresh
  • UPS Refresh
  • Technology Requests for Fine Arts
  • Wireless Refresh
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Refresh/Expansion
  • WAN Fiber Refresh
  • Access Control System
  • Bus/Fleet Management System
  • Campus Radios and Signal Repeaters
  • Emergency Notification System
  • Emergency Telephone/Intercom
  • Intrusion Detection/Burglar Alarm System
  • Portables Surveillance Cameras and Panic Buttons
  • Staff and Student Badging System
  • Two-Way Communication System
  • Video Surveillance System
  • Visitor Management System

Project costs are available for review on the Bond 2018 Project List

Download Campus Project Sheet

Bond 2018 Projects

Bond 2018 project list by campus

Informational presentations To request an informational presentation to be given to your neighborhood group please fill out the request form. Presentations will begin in September and will continue until November 6, 2018.

What are bonds?

A bond is a debt instrument in which an investor loans money to the District. The proceeds from the bond are used to finance capital projects and other long term items. The District repays the principle of the bonds, along with interest, over a period of time. School districts can only sell bonds if authorization is received by voters.

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Bond dollars are not part of the district’s operating budget; they cannot be spent on any initiative or program that not explicitly identified in the bond proposition, such as teacher salaries. Additionally, bond dollars are not subject to recapture. Recapture, or “Robin Hood” is a state law that requires Round Rock ISD to send money to the state each fiscal year out of its operating budget—this year more than $30 million. Bond dollars are $1 for $1 investment in Round Rock ISD; the state can’t take bond dollars as part of recapture.


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