Caraway Elementary - Bond 2018

Individual capital renewal and replacement project details, including playground breakdowns, can be found on the Bond 2018 project definition sheets.

Campus Projects

  • HVAC replacement and upgrade
  • Replace existing main electrical panels
  • Replace existing main electrical switch gear
  • Replace roof
  • Play field renovation
  • Addition of 8 classrooms and expansion of cafeteria and stage
  • Parking lot repairs
  • Upgrade door hardware, keys, and locks as needed
  • Exterior lighting improvements
  • Irrigation controls
  • Power factor correction
  • Playground improvements
  • Computer Refresh – Student Laptop Cart Devices
  • Classroom Interactive Flat Panels (Replace when existing projectors reach end of life)
  • Cafeteria AV/Multimedia System Refresh
  • Server/Storage Refresh
  • UPS Refresh
  • Technology Requests for Fine Arts
  • WAN Fiber Refresh
  • Access Control System
  • Bus/Fleet Management System
  • Campus Radios and Signal Repeaters
  • Emergency Notification System
  • Emergency Telephone/Intercom
  • Intrusion Detection/Burglar Alarm System
  • Portables Surveillance Cameras and Panic Buttons
  • Staff and Student Badging System
  • Two-Way Communication System
  • Video Surveillance System
  • Visitor Management System

Project costs are available for review on the Bond 2018 Project List

Download Campus Project Sheet

Feeder pattern projects

Caraway Elementary feeds into Canyon Vista Middle School and Westwood High Schools.


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