2017 Bond

Bond propositions defeated

Voters defeated the Round Rock ISD $572.1 million Bond package on May 6, which was proposed to address the needs of growth, innovation, and safety for 48,200 students.   Read the full article.

Proposition 1

Addresses the priority of growth, safety and capital renewal and replacement projects in Round Rock ISD and includes:

Building new Elementary School in Northeast Round Rock
Building new High School with Auditorium
Complete Phase 4 Master Plan at Westwood HS
Complete Phase 2 Master Plan at McNeil HS
Enhance safety technology at all campuses
Replace and add buses to accommodate growth
Technology device and infrastructure refresh at all campuses

Estimated cost: $381.7 million

Proposition 2

Addresses items identified in the District’s Strategic Plan related to growth and innovation in Round Rock ISD and includes:

Building a Career Tech High School
Transforming C.D. Fulkes MS into a Visual and Performing Arts Middle School
Designing the structure for Early College and Health Professions High School
Expansions at designated elementary, middle and high schools

Estimated cost: $133.6 million

Proposition 3

Addresses fine arts and athletic facilities and includes:

Building an indoor aquatic center
Building a third outdoor athletic facility
Upgrading Dragon Stadium
Designing auditoriums at Round Rock and Westwood high schools
Establishing athletic training facilities at Chisholm Trail and Grisham middle schools
Enhancing middle school athletic facilities Districtwide
Purchasing land for future development

Estimated cost: $56.8 million

The Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved a Bond Election for May 6, 2017, after extensive community review and feedback evaluating the District’s needs to address Growth, Innovation, and Safety.  Voters are asked to consider three propositions totaling $572.1 million.

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2017 Citizens Bond Committee Charter
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