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2006 Bond Program

2006 Bond Program

Construction Updates

On November 7, 2006, the citizens of Round Rock ISD approved a school bond package totaling  $267.6 million for capital improvement projects.

Four propositions appeared on the ballot:

Proposition 1 addressed secondary grade level projects in the district and included:

  • A new middle school on the district’s site in the Walsh Ranch subdivision on Sam Bass Road to open for the 2008-09 school year.
  • A new high school on the district’s site on
    Gattis School Road to open in 2010-11 (which would allow Stony Point 9th Grade Center to be repurposed as a middle school by 2010)
  • Purchase of 15 new school buses and two additional land sites
  • Master plans and additions to Westwood High School and Round Rock High School
  • Additions to the Round Rock Opportunity Center and for science labs for Stony Point High School
  • Classroom renovations at McNeil High School to increase number of science labs
  • Estimated cost for Proposition 1 projects is $152,920,000.

Proposition 2 addressed elementary grade level and district-wide projects which included:

  • Construction and furnishing of Patsy Sommer Elementary School in Avery Ranch to open for the 2008-09 school year
  • An elementary school on the district’s site in the Turtle Creek neighborhood to open for the 2008-09 school year
  • Design of a third elementary school
  • Technology to refresh, replace, upgrade and
    support existing computers, upgrade network infrastructure and expand
    and replace existing central systems
  • Music equipment, 15 additional buses, career and technology equipment
  • Infrastructure projects including plumbing, electrical, air conditioning/heating, roofing, flooring and fire alarm systems
  • Estimated cost for Proposition 2 projects is $85,345,000.

Proposition 3 provided a third elementary school in the northeastern area of the district

At a location yet to be determined, this elementary school would be located in the northeast quadrant of the district. It would be planned to open as early as the 2009-10 school year.

Estimated cost for Proposition 3 projects is $20,285,000.

Proposition 4 addressed the expansion of the use of technology to improve the educational process for teachers and students

Funds will be used to expand the technology available to students and teachers. Laptops will be added to 24 classrooms at each of the four high school campuses enabling students and teachers to incorporate electronic curriculum. Data projectors will also be added to each elementary, middle and high school campus.  Estimated cost for Proposition 4 projects is $9,110,000.

Financial Reports

The bond package approved by the voters in November 2006 authorized the District to issue $267.6 million in bonds. Sale of bonds occurred in early 2007 totaling $103,100,000, 2008 for $126,360,000, 2009 for $11,745,000, and 2010 for $26,455,000. After proceeds were received, construction agreements and contracts were entered into and construction began. The following reports include detail of the expenditures and investments associated with the projects.